vintage: zebra

zebra (1984)

Juan is excited that Bill wants to try out his newfangled video camera, so he sets it up in the corner to catch all the action. Bill spends time getting Juan large cock hard as a rock. Bill steps out of the scene to get some lube while Juan continues to stroke his big one. Bill lubes up Juan and then carefully slips it in – easily & bareback. It doesn’t take Juan long to really get going with long thrusts. Juan has a hasty withdraw and shoots all over Bills ass. They both savor the moment.

This scene is part of our Vintage Series. The collection contains video clips from private collections from the late 70s and early 80s. They were shot by amateurs with first generation camcorders by those voyeurs eager to see themselves in action.

5 chapter hi-rez clips available for $6.99 each as download
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Part One - 6 minutes
Part Two - 6 minutes
Part Three - 7 minutes 47Mb each MPEG-4 Mac/Win