vintage: out of the picture
out of the picture

out of the picture (1982)

Unintentional porn. The young cameraman sets up to show off his new video camera for a visiting 20 year old friend. He asks the friend to strip and jerk off. Eager to suck off the boy, the cameraman tries to enter the scene and is told to get "out of the picture!" After several minutes of jerking the boy decides it might be OK to have his balls licked. The cameraman goes down on the stiff cock and licks up the boy's tender balls. When it's time to shoot his load the boy asks for some time alone with his cock, and shows off his masterful stroking talent. Just as he shoots the cameraman re-enters the scene just in time to suck up and swallow the boy's hot tasty load.

Note: This is vintage material recorded on home video cam and converted. The download contains scan lines, tracking, and color artifacts consistent with material from this era. It has been restored by zoyx using the most current technologies available.

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9 minutes 67Mb MPEG-4 Mac/Win