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How can I become a model? To Apply:

Do you like to perform for others? We need actors for every type of performance. If you’re serious about pursuing our venture, and you are over 18 years of age, do the following:

To apply for casting:

1. Read the release statement (or download PDF) and tell us that you agree to the terms. You must sign a copy of the statement when we meet.

2. In order to comply with USC Title 18 Section 2257 and CFR Title 28 Section 75, you must also bring official ID verifying your age. zoyx will copy your ID and collect your release statement (above #1) before any shooting begins

3. Send 2 current photos that accurately show your face and your body to: casting@zoyx.net
The photos will be held as part of our Section 2257 obligation and not redistributed. Check form below if we have your permission to show your images to prospective talent.

4. Submit the form below.

Check out the distribution and revenue section below.

Casting Call

We are working on our next few productions and looking for casting. Please check out the list below. If you feel you are qualified and want to participate in an upcoming production please contact us.

Here’s what we are casting now:

Long Shot – If you can shoot your spunk over

your shoulder we want you! We are going to produce the best “shooter” movie out there. We will use unique production techniques to capture your jizz while you spray it around the room. If you can shoot long and far consistently we want to hear form you! You don’t have to show your face.

Mushrooms – If you have a nice mushroom atop your willy, we want to shoot you and/or your friends playing with it. This

will be a fetish video for lovers of the large knob. Send a photo of yours for us to consider.

The Skinny – Tired of all the big fat dicks? There’s more out there than that and it’s the skinny that we’re after. If you have a long (8+ inches / 20+ cm) and narrow needle we want to hear from you. Show off as solo or with your favorite playmate. Send us photos of your measurements for us to consider.


Can I sell my videos through zoyx? Yes:

We want your clips. If you have a collection of (one or more) home videos that you would like to offer for viewing and profit on our site, then here’s your chance… with a couple of caveats.

If your recordings took place AFTER July 1995, please follow these steps:

1. Read the release statement (or download PDF) and tell us that you agree to the terms. If shot after July 1995, you and everyone appearing in your video must sign a copy of the statement if your work is accepted.

2. If shot after July 1995, you must be able to supply us with a valid government issued photo ID for every person in the video. No exceptions. They must be 18 years old or older at the time of shooting. Do not send this ID now. We’ll need it when your material is accepted.

3. Send us an e-mail to casting@zoyx.net stating the nature of your material, please include:

  • Brief description of action
  • Several still images from the video (if possible)
  • State that you have read the release statement and
  • requirements and that you feel you can fulfill them.
4. Do not send us video at this time. We will contact you after reviewing your application.

Are there any exceptions? If your recordings took place BEFORE July 1995 – and you can prove it:

Material shot before that date are not liable to stringent regulation. In addition we can obscure faces to offer some identity protection. Please see The Park series and Zebra as examples of this technique. We will edit the clips for time, archive the original, and give you a copy of your original on DVD.

We accept the following formats: VHS, DV (all varieties), 3/4”, Hi-8, DVD, and mobile phone video (contact us about other and older formats). We are not interested in video of any unlawful acts such as rape, under age participants, violence, scat, w/s, and bestiality.

Check out the distribution and revenue section below.

Additional legal info on why we have to keep records on material shot after July 1995.

Distribution and Revenue

We would be nothing without you – so we want to commit to making this experience profitable for both of us. Unlike most organization creating this sort of content, zoyx is committed to sharing the return – although there’s nothing inherently wrong with the way they work, we feel this is a better deal all around. So we split our revenue with you. You get 51%. We get 49%.

Original Production
On an original material were we are handling the production, editing and distribution, costs account for a good chunk of costs, the remaining 51% is distributed equally to all talent in any given product. For example: If a clip sells for $6.95, and contains 6 people, each person gets about $59.07 for every hundred movies sold. If a clip has only 2 people in it, each person gets $177.22 for every hundred movies sold, If you’re solo you get $354.45 for every hundred movies sold, and so on.

Of course, we can also work on a one time deal and negotiate a flat fee to you at the time of the shoot as well. In that case, you get the fee, we get 100% after expenses.

zoyx will own and reserves the right to re-purpose the material for sales through its own and other distribution channels. Additional residual arrangements are made to you for any distribution we may pursue.

Submitted Video & Collections

If you have original video you would like to submit to zoyx and meet all the criteria, the split is the same 51/49. It is up to you to distribute the 51% you receive from us. We hope you redistribute the share reasonably.

Payments are made quarterly of $50 or more. Clips not reaching the $50 mark will rollover into the next month until $50 is reached.
We make our payments via wire transfer to your bank account or PayPal only. We deduct any fees incurred. (Post fee schedule)
We are working on a way to track or to notify you of your download and balance numbers. Stay tuned.

You make money if we make money, and we make money if you make money. It’s a two-way street.
We will endeavor to keep the zoyx site in front of as many eyes as practical. We will do shameless promotion and affordable publicity.

If you have material we are representing for you, you will also play a role in the promotion by telling your friends about the site, and talking it up in chat groups. If say you have a hottie in Des Moines that’s after you and you’re in Dallas – then send him a link to your clip! You can post a link to your clip on your myspace.com, or xpeeps.com site. Go for it!

All figures in US Dollars (US$). Check current exchange rates here.

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